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Lock In Blow-Dry in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Make sure the hair is damp apply volumising mouse to the roots and moisturising heat protectant to the ends.

  2. Section the hair into three sections - the left and right side and the back

  3. Start by blow drying the back as smooth as possible and then slowly curl the hair around the brush make sure the hair is very hot and then cool down the hair with the cool setting on your hairdryer while still curling the hair around the brush. Then place your fingers close to the root of the hair and wrap the hair around your fingers and slide in a clip then spray with hairspray

  4. Make your way up the back of the head and then go around to the sides

  5. Once all the hair is clipped take out the back first from where you started

  6. Spray a little bit more hairspray and just run your fingers through the ends and tease where ever needed

By Cazna

2nd Year Apprentice

Aspire Hair Lounge

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