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Meet the In-Salon Ritual with Fusio-Dose

Introducing the New Fusio-Dose - infinite possibilities to treat every hair need in one shot, powered by a liquid care technology, infused with skincare actives, and freshly mixed.

After over a decade in existence, Fusio-Dose was due for an update. The new streamlined approach includes updated hair technologies in an easy-to-understand range of Concentrés and Boosters.

Kérastase, believe in delivering exceptional performance to the scalp and hair through exquisite products and bespoke, in-salon treatments, all powered by scientific expertise, professional knowledge, and an intuitive understanding of what people truly want from hair care.

In the hands of the Kérastase stylist, Fusio-Dose becomes a boost of targeted care that addresses your hair needs and concerns instantly to achieve your highest hair goals.

Millions of active drops fuse with the fiber for an instant transformation. With up to 30 possible combinations, only in Kérastase salons.

The perfect in-salon service for immediate and instant hair transformation: Fusio Dose! ⁣ Did you know that 1 Fusio Dose is performed every 4 seconds? ⁣

Its effectiveness is undoubtedly the key to its success thanks to the combination of Concentrés+Boosters. A personalized mix, unique to each clients and performed in 5 minutes!

Fast,efficientand personalized!

"When you and your hair need a boost, the New Fusio-Dose is your solution. Truly, it is a game-changing custom service we can provide in the salon for immediate results. It adds a luxurious moment to your visit and provides you with truly personalized care. What I love about Fusio-Dose is that with nearly endless combinations of Concentré and Booster, I can instantly address any concerns identified during the diagnosis, as well as your specific desires, letting you walk out of the salon totally transformed."

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